Cheers To 2018

Unlike what is sounds like many people experienced , I had an amazing 2017. I got married, traveled to both new destinations, and started working on my dream project.  Kory sold his company and is now working from home and loving his new career. We started getting back into a gym routine and our family has a ton of happy memories to look back on from the past year. 

As we begin 2018 I want to keep the positive momentum going. Tonight, our family sat down and each wrote out some of our goals for the coming year. My plan is to hang them in our kitchen as a daily reminder of where we want to be, going into 2019.  

The goals encompass multiple areas of our lives. I don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy so I am only sharing mine. I noticed after I wrote them down that they are primarily based around our health and family time. Two things of which I am very passionate about. The third being my dogs!

Personally I want to focus on consistency in all areas of my life. I constantly come up with new “ideas” and instantly follow them. This year I am going to work on being more selective on the ones I pursue and make sure to finish them. 

I am super excited for three areas, specifically. One is volunteering at the local animal shelter and being a day foster. I love dogs and have a special place in my heart for shelter pets. Getting them out of their kennels and working on socialization is something I see as beneficial and an area I would like to give back. The second area is launching Keto Dog. I have been working on this for a few months and am extremely excited to see the finished project. And last but certainly not least is family time. This year for Christmas Kashen gave Kory 12 Daddy-Daughter Dates and sticking with that idea I am planning monthly Family Dates, Kory-Acacia Dates, and Tripod Family Dates. 

I am extremely excited to see what 2018 holds, the memories that will be made, and the adventures to be had. 


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