Our Hike Up A-Mountain


So anyone who has driven by this mountain has noticed the giant “A” painted on it, and most people living in the vicinity have either walked or ran up it. It’s a great spot to take the kids, the dogs, or to spend some time alone! We made this into a family outing and had a blast!

Let’s go up A-Mountain!

Although this hike was steep it was kid and dog friendly.  Just make sure to bring some water!



There are a few different parking options since it is located on the Arizona State University campus.  We parked in the prepaid lot located at the bottom of the mountain, at the trail head, and started our hike!





On the way up there are some great views of the historic Hayden Flour Mill and Tempe Beach Park.




The first stopping point offered some amazing views of Mill Avenue and ASU.  Also, the perfect spot to snap a few pictures before starting on the final climb!




If I were to go again with a small child and two dogs I would have stopped here.  As tempting as it looks to climb the final stretch it got a little tricky.  The loose gravel was a little tricky to navigate for those with small legs and the long strides between rocks were challenging for those with four legs.  However, we fought through the adversity and made it to the top!





The views from the top are amazing!




Concluding comments: A-Mountain is a great hike for the whole family.  However, if you are with small children or pets, considering stopping at the first break point.


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