DIY Christmas Decor Grinch Wine Bottle

With the Grinch party quickly approaching, I realized I still didn’t have many decorations. So I went to work and made these super simple wine bottle decorations!

The first step was to paint all three bottles with the gray primer paint.


After the primer dried, I painted two of the bottles with a copper colored paint and set them aside to dry.





Once the bottle was completely wrapped, I began making the Santa hat. For the hat I used a piece of red glittery foam and stuffing.


To create the shape of the hat, I cut a half circle shape, that I would late roll into a cone.


Once the cone shape was made, I placed a strip of hot glue along the edge and glued the hat together.


Once the hat was secured, I glued the fuzz along the top and the bottom, and TADA!



Once the Grinch bottle was complete, I began on the other two. These were super simple! I picked two well-known phrases from the Grinch movie, and wrote them onto the bottle with puff paint.




It is super important to let the puff paint dry completely before adding anything to the bottles. I tried to add the decorative ornament sticks prior to the paint completely drying and then got to remake one of the bottles (which was a pain in the butt). It is worth the extra five minutes as opposed to wiping off all of the words, repainting the copper color, letting that dry, and then rewriting the saying.

Overall I am extremely happy with how these turned out. They were pretty quick to make and didn’t really cost anything. I already had all of the supplies left over from other projects. They were a great addition to the party’s ambiance!


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