Hand Print Turkey

It is hard to believe that we made this 2 years ago! Her hands have to be double the size now! However, this little DIY Hand Print Turkey has been hung every year since 2014 and has been replicated for quick and easy gifts. We used a canvas, tempera paint, 2 googly eyes, some hot glue, a pipe cleaner beak.


We started off by painting Kashen’s hand with red paint and then pressed it onto the canvas.  Once the paint dried we repeated these steps with the yellow paint, the orange paint, and the brown paint (on her foot).


I filled in the toes with a few extra dabs of brown paint.  Once the paint was dry, we hot glue on the googly eyes.


Then the beak.

IMG_4608.jpgOnce everything was dry, Kashen wrote “Happy Thanksgiving”, the year, and her name.


We hot glued a gold ribbon onto the back of the canvas so that we could hang it on the wall in our kitchen.



DIY Turkey Hand Prints make great keepsakes, gifts, and offer a fun activity to do together during the holiday season.

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