DIY Wine Bottle Crafts – Candles

I recently decided to redecorate our bathroom and the trickiest part was finding decorations for the bathtub. It is the main focal point of our bathroom, so I couldn’t keep it bare! I came across a few ideas on Pinterest for pillar candles and I instantly fell in love with how the wax looked cascading down the side of the wine bottle.  Now I know while looking at this picture some of you are thinking, “those candles are super close to flammable items”. I totally agree with you! However, these candles were never intended to be lit, other than for the 5 seconds it took to snap a quick pic.  If they are something you want to burn during a long relaxing bath, just simply move the towels, flip up the curtain, and pull the bottles a few inches away from the wall.  A WaLa! House fire diverted!

Now let’s get started on making these DIY Wine Bottle Candles!

I really dedicated myself to this wine bottle craft and started “collecting” the bottles right away.  I mean the aesthetic appeal of our bathroom was at stake, so I really had to dedicate myself to this! Once the bottles were collected and empty, I began to take off the labels. (Clearly I was going through a Curious Beasts phase).


To take the labels off, I filled the our sink with warm water and Dawn dish soap. I placed the bottles directly into the water and let them soak for about 30 minutes.  When the labels were done soaking I began to peel them off.  I did this by scraping the labels with my fingernails and a Brillo Pad, which was fairly easy.  For the more difficult ones, I sprayed on some Goo Gone, which did the trick.  Once all of the labels were off, I put them in our dish rack and let them air dry.

While the bottles were drying I began to shave down the end of the taper candles.  They were a tad to big for the bottle opening.  I did this with a little knife and just shaved off layers until the base of the candle was smaller.  Depending on the bottle you are using, this step might be unnecessary.  (Warning! This process will chip your nail polish)


Once the bottles were dry and the candles were all whittled down, I placed each bottle on a paper towel, and set the candle inside the bottle.  The next step was the most time consuming.  I took a lighter stick and melted the wax of the candle.  I started at the base and worked my way up until the wax drippings had accumulated onto both the bottle and the base of the candle.


I then let the bottles sit until the wax hard hardened and the wick was cool to the touch.  This seemed like an essential step in preventing wax drippings on the hard wood floor as I transported them across the house.


Once everything was cool and hardened, it was time to move them to their final destination!


I am super happy with how these turned out! They add a little depth to the oddly shaped bathtub corner and were made out of things I already had on hand… wine bottles and candles! The best part about this DIY decoration is that when I am ready to change up the bathroom again, I can either move them to another room, or toss them away and not feel like I am throwing away money!

To see a quick 30 second video of these candles being made, click here.





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