Halloween Crafts For Kids – Donkin’s

I know what you are thinking “What the heck is a Donkin?”.  Well, it is an adorable mini pumpkin painted like a delicious donut! Kashen and I made these Donkins this week to add a little bit of Halloween-ness to our kitchen and to keep her busy during fall break.  Donkins are a great Halloween craft for kids because they are inexpensive, easy, and super cute.


Here’s what you will need:

  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Sprinkles

The mini pumpkins were purchased at Safeway and they were $5.99 for 8. We already have quite a bit of paint so we utilized the colors we had.  We mixed brown and cream to make the “dough”paint, and used brown paint for the chocolate donuts, pink paint for the strawberry donuts, white paint for the vanilla donuts, and gold paint for the stems. To secure the sprinkles we used Mod Podge spray paint, which we also already had on hand. The only other thing we had to purchase were the sprinkles and the 2 containers were a total of $4.



Once everything was laid out, the first step was to paint the bottom of the Donkins a dough color.  We achieved this color by mixing the chocolate brown paint and the cream together paint.  To make the painting easier for Kashen, I stenciled on a scalloped frosting line that she was able to paint along.


Once the dough was painted and had a chance to dry, we  set out the colored paint for the frosting and got to work!



Once the frosting was painted, we let them dry, and painted the stems gold.


Now I don’t have any pictures of us putting the sprinkles on the Donkin’s but it was super easy.  We emptied the sprinkle containers into a bowl, sprayed the top of the pumpkins with the Mod Podge spray paint, and then dipped them in.  Once the sprinkles are on, you have to be super careful or they will fall off.  This is definitely a craft that is better to look at and not touch.


To see how Crafty Kashen made the Donkin’s click here.  If you would like to see the behind the scenes video click here.





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