DIY Christmas Decor Cabinets

This Christmas season I came to the realization that I had a lot of extra ornaments that did not fit on the tree. I am not sure how this happened but I decided to put the extra ornaments to use. I grabbed some ribbon, hot glue, and went to work on decorating our kitchen cabinets!

The first step was to wrap the thick, red ribbon vertically along the cabinets. To secure them in the back, I hot glued the ends of the ribbon together.



Which left me with cabinets that looked a little something like this….


To attach all of the ball ornaments to the red ribbon, I ran a ribbon through the top loop and tied it tightly around the thick red “anchor” ribbon. Once that was attached, I added extra ribbon along the top of the ornament and curled it for decoration. All of them looked a little different, which added to our winter wonderland!





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