Pineapple Truffle Rosé Gift

Giving gifts is something I have always been passionate about. But as important the gift itself is,  it is equally important to make the gift meaningful for the recipient.  I recently found myself in need of a thank you gift for someone who has everything! So, I started browsing Pinterest and came across this cute pineapple.  It was perfect! It was unique, thoughtful, and I was able to incorporate her favorite thing… rosé!

I chose to use the Mumm Napa Rosé and Ferrero Rocher’s (I used a total go 36). Everything else I already had at home.


Glueing the truffles on was the most time consuming part of this project. I placed a drop of hot glue on the paper wrapper and then placed it directly onto the bottle.




Once all of the truffles were glued onto the bottle, I hot glued a piece of burlap around the bottle’s neck for which the leaves would be attached.



The leaves were cut out of green tissue paper and then hot glued in layers, onto the burlap.



Once all of the leaves were attached, I recruited a helper, and we wrapped twine around the bottle neck to cover both the burlap and the tissue paper. Once fully wrapped, I cut the twine, hot glued the end, and tucked it into one of the layers.



And it was finished! Like I said, it was the perfect thank you gift, but it would also be an excellent hostess gift, birthday present, or for any occasion in between.

Watch the video of how I made it on YouTube! Pineapple Truffle Rosé Gift



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